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Commission: Silenced Speaker (2)

#DiD I make it abundantly clear that I adore Sypha Benaldes from Castlevania? Even more so after her portrayal in Castlevania Netflix. So I had this fancy idea that for October, the month of spooky things that go bumping in the night, I was going to delve into some DiD'ing some of the femme fatales of Castlevania. Just a few recognizable faces (or not) here and there. Starting it off with BlackProf's talent, Sypha here is under the captivity of Heartless; they're Kingdom Hearts characters. Don't ask why because I just wanted a crossover event through commissions! Clearly, Sypha doesn't like getting manhandled by little minions.

Where are they taking the Silenced Speaker? Nowhere good, that much is obvious.

Until Next Time!

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