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Commission: Sypha Benaldes the Silenced Speaker

It is definitely not a secret that I fell in love with Netflix series of Castlevania. It did a fantastic job recreating the classic story of Dracula's Curse and with retelling the story, the characters had to get revamped (vamped! No pun). Sypha Benaldes, a sorceress in Castlevania 3, became a "speaker", which, honestly, it's a mage. I adored her in that series. And of course, with adoration, comes the need of applying her to the #DiD category!

PyonSangSang is a new artist placed to my radar by my fellow commissioner/Deviant, FourPieces. This artist has an innocent look to their style but it definitely is something I really clung on to! Will definitely see more work from this artist in the future! I'm sure Sypha appreciates the treatment and approves! More #commission coming up soon!

Until Next Time!

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