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Commission: Terra Branford (012) Captured

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Another Terra Branford #commission! This time in her Dissidia 012 outfit. As I might have mentioned once before, the idea of having Terra in distress wearing her other outfits is a small homage to my #DiDressphere with Rikku. It will not be a major line of commissioned art work and some of her costumes will have repeated commissions (mostly her Benevolent outfit). But come on, I can't help but get one of my favorite, if not MY FAVORITE Final Fantasy gal in certain scenarios.

Night-Glare is responsible for this magnificent work. He is another artist from DeviantArt that I watch. I may not have thought of commissioning him before but he had a great sale and I couldn't pass up. Terra's Dissidia 012 look is not my favorite, but hey, it's Terra and she looks adorable wearing it! Again, I'm keeping the same theme with my other commissions in regards to her bindings and gag. Yep. At any rate, I love this commission. Night-Glare DiD a fantastic job for the price he offered! Well, that's about it for now!

Until Next Time!

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