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Commission: Terra Branford Detained

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Green Ropes variant, because.

I'm running out of synonyms to use for these #commissions. At least running out of one words to use for a title. Can always change it up with the tied-up-and-gagged and/or Damsel-in-Distress phrase, but that would be too long for a title. I'm sure #TerraBranford is getting tired herself for being in this distress situations for far too long and with just about every outfit she has on! And it's even more of a blessing when the artist takes it upon themselves to add some variants, eh? I know I'm not complaining!

Black and White goodness

The art style is all too recognizable. GREAT-DUDE has been one of my other 'go-tos' when it comes to #DiD commissioned work. The funny thing is that I wanted this commission to just be her pink and blue Magitek Knight variants, but there was a disconnect in the commission somewhere so there we go. Guess I needed more excuse to have another artist take on Terra's plight, eh? Well, that's it for now!

Until Next Time!

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