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Commission: Turk Yujin & Rachel

So, going off the hype of Final Fantasy VII Remake's release, here are some OC Turks! These #commissions are done by the amazingly talented Skirtzzz! So excited to have worked with her since she has drawn some wonderful Final Fantasy fan art (like Rikku); seriously! She's a DeviantArt legend! While she was only available for sketch portraits, just having worked with her is an honor. So, let's get right into the pics!


Yujin is an ongoing OC character of mine. He appears in my Skyrim Chronicles fan fictions, my past RPs, and will be part of the new story I got going that I hope to finish. But, yeah, he's a Turk! Why? I have a small RP going on with another deviant and we're doing it in the FFVII world where our OCs are Turks. Well, I might commission him again as a Turk cause he looks neat! The 'red tattoo' is still in his left eye!


Rachel over here is an OC of a fellow Deviant, ChrstieKins, whom I started Rp'ing with and working a pretty fun and..... fun story. Chrissie may not post her stories or any written work on her page, but she is pretty crafty as a writer and I'm terribly enjoying her style and her way to weave with words. Also, her page is full of fun commissioned work so she's definitely worth checking out! She also likes to agree with putting the Spunky Turk, Rachel, into some distressing scenario!


At any rate, there might be a chance one will see more #commissions of these characters and Rachel, possibly in a precarious #DiD scenario! That's about it!

Until Next Time!

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