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Commission: Yuffie Kisaragi

Another #Commission done by StudioKatsumi. I know, I've been using this guy a lot and for a lot of good reasons! I love his style, I love his frequency, and I love his price. The other Rikku-like FF gal from the ever-so-popular Final Fantasy VII, Yuffie Kisaragi, was also part of my "no Damsel left untied" notion. So yes, Yuffie had to be #DiD'ed. Personally, I still think Katsumi did pretty good with this. She looks a bit more adult-like (head not as big as it should be) and her skin is a bit darker for Yuffie's skin tone. Despite all that, it looks good.

Yuffie looks delightful in her duress. Thank you, Katsumi! Can't wait for the next #commission to be done!

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