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D23 2019: Frozen 2 & The MCU

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

#D23 is something I haven't covered on my blog before but that doesn't mean I won't start now! What is D23? It's basically a fan expo that Disney holds--and since they have a lot in their catalog, they have a lot to show. There are a ton of news but I'm going to go over what I found most intriguing. I'll update on a different post when I find out more. At the moment, let's go over these:

Disney +

Disney Plus is Disney's upcoming streaming service. Basically, its Disney's version of Netflix. There are some pretty neat things coming out of it like the MCU series that I briefly went over in my MCU Phase 4 post. Needless to say, I'm interested in getting this streaming service. And with that, speaking of MCU series:

3 New Announced MCU Series

That's right! Three new addition to the MCU series. Without further adieu, here are my thoughts on them.

Captain Marvel was successful despite all the controversy and all its haters. My feelings on Captain Marvel hasn't always been the greatest, though I am one that will say that the movie got hate it didn't deserve--yes, the actress may deserve some heat, but the movie wasn't a complete flop in my opinion. It's a little above mediocre. A little. But hey, it made an idiotic amount of money so, it's not a flop by any margin. Now Ms. Marvel is getting her own show; the Ms. Marvel based on Kamala Khan and..... why her? What makes her deserve a a series? She's a bland character to me and she's an Inhuman--something that Marvel tried to use to trample over X-Men and we all know how that failed. Again, I don't think Kamala Khan deserves a series, but hey, let's see what the MCU can do.

Okay, I'm lukewarm excited for her. I'd be more excited if it is going to be based on the Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk BEFORE they decided to turn her into a bruiting "Hulk". Seriously! Stay away from that brutish version, Disney! That's just.... not acceptable to me. Part of She-Hulk's charm was she was able to go on with a normal life while embracing her Hulk side, you know, the one that could be the smart and witty lawyer. She was sexy but muscular at the same time. It set her apart from Hulk. Sure, Hulk is now smart and strong, but can we go away from the behemoth and uncontrollable Hulk, please? I'd be okay if it's a few episode arcs but as the MAIN She-Hulk? Yeah, no.

Now this Moon Knight thing, I can get behind for a myriad of reasons. First, while I have never been the most dedicated Moon Knight fan, there is something about Marvel's take on Batman--though he is dressed in all white and just bat-sh!t crazy. I doubt that Disney is going to go for the extra-violent and abrasive Moon Knight that we saw back in Civil War (the first one) and going forward. He'll probably fall along the lines of how violent the #MCU has and will always be, and I'm fine with that. The one thing that is interesting that is revolving around the Moon Knight project is the attachment of two certain actors that I actually like: Keanu Reeves and Andrew Garfield. The latter being a personal favorite of mine because of The Amazing Spider-Man. Yes, I'm a fan of the latter for a few reasons that aren't popular with the fandom. But I don't care; I love the short-lived Amazing Spider-Man movies.

Black Widow

I have been lukewarm with the Black Widow prequel movie but hearing it was post Civil War, I started getting excited. It's going to revolve around Natasha's adventures after betraying Tony Stark. Again, I'm getting really into the idea of this and with this poster, it's getting me even more excited! And look! It's the Red Guardian, aka, Captain Russia!

Robert Downey Jr: Disney Legend

Robert Downey Jr being inducted to the Disney Legends Hall of Fame is a no brainer. I wasn't even aware of this title that Disney hands out but with the #MCU starting and taking off because of his potrayal as Tony Stark, needless to say, this was going to happen sooner or later. Much deserved.

Frozen 2

Okay, so here we go with a movie I am completely excited for! Apparently the Frozen 2 showcase in D23 was grand and I can only imagine was amazing.

The one thing I really like about this sequel, other than the fact that it's Elsa, are the improvements in just the animation alone. The first Frozen was no garbage in terms of animation by any means, but just the improvements with Frozen Fever, Frozen Olaf's Adventure alone, and then when the trailer dropped, we already know that it's going to look good.

The other thing that I'm very excited for is the fleshing out of the gaping holes of the first movie in regards to the story. I also like the fact that it's revolving a bit more around Elsa--least it looks like that way--and that's something that that needs to happen. You know what else needs to happen? Give the former Queen of Arendelle, Iduna, some pivotal part. She literally said ONE line in the first Frozen and it really looks like that Frozen 2 is going to rectify that. There's also a new character that I won't speculate as to who and what his role is. Definitely looks Arendelle guard though. But where is Kai and Gertrude?


On a closing note, D23 dropped a lot of things that are on my fandom radar. There's a LOT more that I didn't cover and probably don't know about, but these are the ones that really hit my nerdgasm. All in all, I'm terribly excited. A lot more for November 22, 2019... for a good reason! Well, that's about it for now!

Until Next Time!

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