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Diamond Gallery: Supergirl

This is another statue that is kind of left field. I preordered her for some time back and since it took a long time until BigBadToyStore shipped it, I almost forgot about the Maiden of Steel. But here she is! And how is she? Well, let's go check out Diamond Gallery's Supergirl, shall we?

Diamond Gallery is no stranger in my collection. Last year I bought the Diamond Gallery Spider-Woman, which I personally liked. Their PVC Diorama produces some pretty cool characters with some interesting poses and when I saw Supergirl's promotional pictures, I thought she had a flare that I definitely needed to have in my collection. Now as far as the box goes, it's pretty simple. It's got Supergirl's color scheme, her name, her logo, there's see through panels, so all in all it does its job. It's huge too, mostly because it is accommodating for Kara's dynamic posture, the stand, and giving enough room to make sure that the statue can be seen despite being inside the box. I think Diamond Gallery does a good job keeping simplicity with their boxes as well as making it practical. I definitely like it.

The back of the box shows the image of the product, a bio, and a comic book image. The drawn image is something I don't personally like since the face doesn't really capture Kara's essence; the and its' for the "Rebirth" Supergirl and not for the "Jim Lee" Supergirl--the one this statue is based of.

I wouldn't have even considered this statue if it's not for the fact that it's based of my favorite Supergirl iteration. I nickname her as "Jim Lee Supergirl", since this outfit was her revival outfit under Jim Lee's artistic care. It's definitely a lot of fan-service since she shows a lot of skin; a flouncy skirt for flight and that midriff! I also like her younger but mature look. I also like the way her hairstyle is done so, yeah, this is my Supergirl.

Now, right off the get-go, the sculpt on this gal is quite nice. I've always been a fan of her slender and a little unrealistically sexy body and Diamond Gallery has no qualms making that figure into a statue. Not only that, the pose they picked for this girl just absolutely sexy. There's always something about the way female characters are drawn/sculpted/rendered flying and/or hovering. I mean, they have (more or less) the same posture as male flying characters, but they do it with such grace and finesse and such a kink that it's just sexy(ier). Of course, maybe that's just me in love with the female body. She's also posed with a classic Superman trope: can't restrain or hold someone who wears the "S" in their chest and they can break their bondage--except when Kryptonite is involved. Now, I won't lie and say that the idea of Supergirl and chains didn't have a high influence of me buying this, but yeah.

There's definitely an action vibe to this whole thing and with her posture really compelling that idea, the dynamic in her clothing and hair serves to make that notion even more. The wrinkles in the cape are done quite well and her skirt is reacting to Kara moving her legs. her hair is also swooshing to the side to show her flight and then, of course, the 'moving' chain. Needless to say, the sculpt is more than adequate and something that appeals to me.

Color wise, it's not exactly something that completely pops out. It's definitely MORE than passable and it true to Supergirl's colors. The right kind of blue, red, and yellow. Though there is a missing yellow line where her shirt ends for the midriff, nothing that breaks the costume, but definitely obvious for me and I'm sure a lot of other fans of this version of Supergirl.

Supergirl unchained! (unfortunately?)

The face isn't bad. Wish I had my Bishoujo Supergirls in hand for comparison, but that is another level of detail and prettiness that I think it would be unfair. The paint is clean and she has a very round face; definitely looks like a young 20s Kara. She has a fierce expression which I think really captures the angsty Kryptonian that I picture. I do think the blonde hair should be more on the gold side, but it's passable.

The base is an explosion effect. Probably going for the whole action heroine moment. It's good, looks like an explosion and it does a fine job keeping the statue upright.

And what is a Supergirl review without looking how good her... red cape looks? OH. Red lingerie!

In conclusion, I think this is a pretty good Supergirl statue. Again, Diamond Gallery does a fine job and they have a good selection of characters that ranges from popular to obscure characters. There are a few miss with this statue like her hair, the gold trimming, and the painting isn't something to nerd out about, but all n all, it's got a good pose, it's a very sexy Supergirl, and it's a decent price. To all the Supergirl fans out there, I don't think this is going to be a miss. A must? No. But I still think it's a good addition to my collection.

Until Next Time!

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