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Disney+ and MCU: 2022 and On

Well, the #MCU keeps going and through #Disney_Plus. Here is the next line ups of Marvel's series. What? X-Men?! Secret Invasion? And ... yay... Ms. Marvel and Echo (yes, excitement; NOT).

After years of barbaric and just blah She-Hulk, we get original Jennifer Walters back. Or so it seems. I'm pretty excited for this if we stay away from the "Shulk". Let's go.

Secret Invasion is a bit touchy for me because of what it did/and didn't do with Spider-Woman. Now, not sure where Spider-Woman fully stands since she is a Sony and a Marvel thing... but I am interested in seeing this. I want to see how they do it and if Jessica Drew is even mentioned at all. Please. I doubt it, but I do want a LITTLE homage since it was one of Jess' bigger story lines--even if she wasn't really there.

Oh look! It's not Batman! I am excited for this for sure! I want to see how they really pull off Marc Spector's anti-Batman character! Moon Knight baby!

Disney nows the meme. Yes. I'm down for this. Let's do it!

OH! Shang-Chi is now out in Disney Plus! I'm going to watch it this weekend at some point! I want see MCU meeting Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon! With that said, the future is bright and colorful! Hoping the 'bleh' in my eyes (Ms. Marvel, Ironheart, Echo) won't be too much of a stain. Hey, they might be good too.

Also, I'm going to watch The Eternals this weekend too. Guess I'm back to the MCU train? And Black Widow is "okay". Well, that's about it!

Until Next Time!

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