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Dissidia NT: No Victory Fanfare

This is a sad, sad, day.

"We don't want to make false anticipations, so we want to make it clear that right now there are no plans for a [Dissidia Final Fantasy] 2 at all," director Takeo Kujiraoka explained.


The writing has always been on the wall. Dissidia NT has had a rough start, has had some terrible reviews, and truth to be told, even I can't refute the problems people had for this game (My Review). #Dissidia_NT was a troubled game and truth to be told, I'm surprised it lasted this long. They got updates through new characters and skins, they got some rework and balance updates on characters and even on summons. The Arcade version in Japan seemed to be doing well so it had some hope.

Some doesn't equal ENOUGH.

At the end of the day, there were just too many problems (Esuna it Needs). Too many things going against it. Now with all that said, it's quite obvious that I actually have some love for this game. I do. I can't also thank Dissidia NT enough for resurfacing my love for Terra Branford. I got to know characters like Cloud of Darkness, Y'shotla--got to see Locke and Rinoa in HD graphics. It motivated me for a ton of other kinky ideas or what not. It had a lot of great things that offered me so honestly, it's painful to see it go.

Take a bow...

What's even more painful is that... there is a big chance that it won't get a sequel. Well, as painful as that news may be, at least I got the chance to get introduced to it. I know I didn't play it as much--at all the last few months but at one point I gave it some time.

With that said, take a bow, #Dissidia_NT. And thanks for coming into my life!

Until Next Time!

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