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Dissidia NT: Locke Cole First Thoughts

Dissidia NT released Locke Cole from FFVI was released as a DLC today. While I didn't get a WHOLE lot of chance to test out his gameplay, I am able to get a little taste of how he plays. Basically, a polar opposite of how I play as Terra.. up close and personal.

Definitely have to learn how to get real close because his long range attacks are a joke. Then again, I've been a 'marksman' for so long that using Cloud of Darkness, a character with a bit more range for a 'vanguard' feels too close.

For now, I'll play a lot of offline modes with Locke just to get the feel of him and level him up to get his other HP Attacks. But worry not, when I get there, I'll be putting up some Locke gameplay videos!

Other than that, feels good to have this classic character in the team! Long live Final Fantasy VI!

Until Next Time!

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