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Dissidia NT: Noctis & Shanttoto New Costume

#Dissidia_NT continues getting updates and that's a good thing. Despite me not having played (still haven't seen Yuna in her Songstress Dressphere in gameplay and of course, haven't seen Gabranth yet). I might not jump on the ship any time soon, but I don't want to miss the chance to spread the news that the show goes on. So let's check out the two new costumes.

I stand to this day that FFXIII Versus could have been something, but alas, we got FFXV. I'm not a hater of FFXV, but over the years I got to really see what we could have had. Noctis rewearing his Versus-XIII outfit just reminds me of that heartache. I honestly think that he looks badass in here! Like he's ready to spill some blood!

The lost Final Fantasy game that could have been...

Shanttoto also gets this wonderfully contrasting costume when next to Noctis. Not much to say about it because I don't use Shanttoto and I didn't play FFXI. But it's nicely detailed, that much is obvious!

I do hope to get back on the ship of Dissidia NT. I do like the game and it's definitely my kind of multiplayer game. One of these days, I believe.

Until Next Time!

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