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Dissidia NT: The Esper's Progeny

There's a story I try to picture in my head whenever I play #DissidiaNT. It involves the head-canon DiDFics I write about every now and then. Not trying to bore anyone with that in this blog, but whenever I go to a 3vs3 online solo ranked matches and my teammates are Spiritus warriors, I imagine Terra is in her 'controlled' version--meaning she is doing Kefka's bidding. Funny enough, when she was wearing the "Narshean Princess/Esper's Progeny" outfit in Dissidia 012, she was a puppet for the Mad Clown. Funny enough, this match I was paired up with EX Death and Zenos.

Well, seems controlled Terra Branford can wreak some havoc! That match was just something to adore and I couldn't be anymore proud of it! That Ramza I have teamed up with before... seems he was my 'rival'.

On a random... blue isn't my favorite color nor do I see my Terra with green hair, but to see this shot with this outfit on her.... s'all I have to say about that!

Until Next Time!

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