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Dissidia NT: Tifa Lockhart 7th DLC Character

7th DLC of #Dissidia_NT. Let me just say that SEVEN in the Final Fantasy realm is a big deal so for the introduction of the new character we have Tifa Lockhart. Surprised? Sort of, not really. With her announcement in E3 2019 and absolutely stealing the show, Dissidia NT would have been really stupid not to take this opportunity to milk these lovely set

The alternate colors for her original skin.

Her Advent Children skin.

Then there are the four weapons that she will have. All of these images I got from Kotaku.

Some interesting things about Tifa in her Dissidia NT form:

  • The slots come back. HOW do they affect her gameplay? I don't know.

  • Original Outfit and Advent Children for skins. No doubt we are either going to get the cowgirl OR her Remake look; hoping for Remake.

  • Most likely she is going to be a Vanguard.

  • English VA not yet revealed?

  • Oh, and she does her stretching victory pose!

With all of that, looks like I have to brush up on my close range combat skills, eh? Terra, sorry girl, but I'll have to set you aside a couple of matches so I can get the feel of Tifa Lockhart. I'm more than positive that the #Dissidia_NT community is going to blow up and gain some heavy traffic for a little while. She'll be arriving in the battle ground on July 3rd, which is approximately about a week away! Will definitely be getting her! I'm excited!

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