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Dissidia NT: Updates 04/26/2018

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

So here we are just a mere day before the release of Vayne for the Dissidia NT. I can't say if I am terribly excited for the character, but hey, it's an update! Looks like Dissidia NT has more life than MvsCi (not to stab at Capcom's failed crossover fighting game). We will get another announcement of a new character for Jun, so I'm hoping it's a female character, but I heard rumors that it's going to be another male character. But beyond character installments, here is another DLC that is coming out:

Bartz gets Brotherhood? Definitely interested in Terra's new weapon!

While weapons only act as cosmetic displays and not stat boosters, it's still a nice touch. I do want the idea that weapons and outfits can do more for characters and I'm hoping Square Enix takes note of that and does a patch some time in the future.

If I'm not mistaken, all of these can be acquired in-game as well within the random treasures.

I love the fact that Cloud of Darkness gets Ahrimans for an upgrade. And my source for these weapons upgrade was found in Nova Crystallis.

And here's another update on Dissidia NT. Hoping that if they are going to rework and update characters that they don't glance over Terra! Terra's movesets needs some update and I wouldn't mind a rework on her to make her a bit more effective. Oh, DLC characters will get a 'story mode'? Truthblade Seeker gives this information.

At any rate, that's about it in the #DissidiaNT realm.

Until Next Time!

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