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FFVI Pixel Remaster: Diving in!

Here we are! #FFVI Pixel Remaster is in my hands!!! And yes, I only got Final Fantasy VI out of the bunch. I might see if I have time to get the other Pixel Remasters but as of right now, we are sticking with my favorite of the bunch. This quick post is just a short review and nostalgia dump. With that said, diving right in then with my first hour-ish with the game.

I remember this from the #SNES days! Seeing the old first menu image. Of course, it's cleaned up now and on a higher-res TV, but it still holds that old flare. Nostalgia.

It hasn't lost its old charm too. I remember this moment fondly. The pixels look so clean and 'modern', dare I say.

And for those who know, you know this. The music is gorgeous. The option to switch between original and remastered soundtracks is something I can appreciate. And while I do adore and cherish the original, the remaster has that modern flare that I need to hear with my games. Besides, they stay as true to the original so it's no loss.

Hearing FFVI's battle music is always a treat!

The battle system is the original gameplay but given the modern-day charm like fast forwarding and the redone spell effects! Again, the pixels look amazing! Not to mention the music and the special effects sounds!

The gallery is also amazing. I just took a few (and obviously mostly Terra) from the catalog but there are plenty more to enjoy! Amano's artwork is always appreciated.

Worth it? With another reason to play FFVI--easily accessible and aesthetically slightly more pleasing, yeah I'd say it's worth it. One can get the bundle, but since FFVI is what I was seriously focused on, I'd say it's well worth it! Final Fantasy VI fans, don't sleep on this! Regardless of one's feelings about Remaster, at least it allows FFVI to just be there when one has the itch. It looks prettier, the new soundtrack is loyal and beautiful... that and Terra Branford! Why not, right?!

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