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FFVII Intergrade: Final Trailer

Well! It's the Final trailer for FFVII Intergrade and man, am I excited? There are plenty of things to talk about so let's get right into it, shall we?

First, let's talk about the things that mildly excited me and at the same time, concerns me. Three words: Dirge of Cerberus. Now at the time I played that game, I was actually rather fond of it, and that is something I will always openly admit because, yes, I was into the hype of Vincent getting his own story because he was/is a b.a.m.f. But unfortunately, there were some glaring issues with said game. With Intergrade bringing in some "familiar" faces, I am a bit worried. Not to mention there are routes that Square is taking that is a bit questionable. However, part I of FFVII Remake was pretty good and the story twists they are taking intrigues me. So, let's see where they go with this.

But we do get Scarlet in a "Magitek/Evanglion" mech! Well that's going to be a fun boss fight, for sure! Scarlet is also responsible for a one good moment from the original FFVII so here's to hoping that all these early additions don't rob us of said moment.

And then there's this special moment where we get to see a bit of Yuffie's series side. A moment that she needs since Rikku's FFX and FFX-2 Last Mission moments really set her apart from Selphie/Penelo/Vanille/Iris and, of course, Yuffie. I want to see this side of Yuffie because we haven't had this side of her as much as we should. She has a lot of story to bring and truthfully, it needs to come out. And no spoiler here, but I do want to see her reaction with the fall of the Sector 7. Emotional Yuffie equals fantastic moment/s.

Clearly I didn't go over everything. I didn't talk about Ramuh, for one and honestly, I'm sure I can deep dive with everything else around the story of what Intergrade is going to go through. Though the sad thing is...... I don't have a PS5 yet and I'm not sure I'll be able to get it before this game comes out. Shame. Oh well. I'll be watching some reviews and first impressions. That and I'll be waiting for more Yuffie fan(#DiD) art!

Until Next Time!

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