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FFVII R: Final Trailer

It seems like I have lagged in sharing news about this game, I know. It doesn't change the fact that I still care deeply about this game! So much has dropped since my last blog about it (When the Demo Came Out). Since that time, there has been a lot that has been dropped--better channels like the usual Vloggers has dropped some insights on the long awaited game these last few weeks so, I just kind of went along for the ride. But there's this "Final trailer" and... man! I'll let the video talk about it!

There is one thing I will say.... there are some things here that should be in part 2. The flashback of Tifa seems like a moment in Kalm. Also, Barrett stabbed by Sephiroth? Godamn it what's going on here?!

#FFVIIR comes out this Friday and I cannot wait.

Until Next Time!

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