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FFVII Remake: 22 Years Ago

22 years ago, Final Fantasy VII came out in North America. That was some time ago and with the #FFVIIR is along the way, Square Enix isn't shy with pumping the excitement with this remake art that is an all time nostalgic feels.

The classic will always have that impact and the remake captures much of that. What would make it even better if Square Enix decides to use that remake art with the same style as the original PSX cover. That would be fantastic beyond belief! Taking as FFVIIR will be an episodic game, they have the options of having multiple cover art and I think it would be fitting that the first game would have something so iconic and nostalgic to represent the amalgamation of the idea of "The Old Ways has Joined the New". Needless to say, this cover art definitely makes me excited. March 2020 can't come soon enough! Well, that's it for now!

Until Next Time!

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