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FFVII Remake: Theme Song Trailer

I swear.... I can't wait for this game. Some things to take from this new Trailer:

  • Red XIII -As the last character that is highly speculated that will be playable for the first part, here we are with his revelation! He looks amazing--and the voice actor pulls it off just fine!

  • Scarlet -I am more confident that they will not take out the scene with how they portray Scarlet. She's definitely how I picture her!

  • Hojo -As a pivotal part of the first part, I'm not surprised with his revelation. Again, we have had Hojo in modern day looks before so seeing him in the Remake as is, well it's expected and welcome.

  • Honey-Bee Inn -Are we all ecstatic that Square didn't bend for today's climate? Take that as you will but I am glad they showed that scene within the trailer.

  • Barret's Big Shot -Classic. S'all I gotta say.

  • Leviathan -His revelation this early in the game truly keeps pushing the notion that we are really getting a game that deviated far more than we might be thinking from its original source.

  • Chocobo/Moogle -Formerly known as "Choco/Mog". Another great revelation in-game since Choco/Moogle is the first summon we get in the original game.

  • Sephiroth's Appearance -Sephiroth technically did not appear until the Kalm but the Remake makes it known that he is going to make an earlier appearance, or at least a version of him.

  • Reeves (Caith Sith) -In the brief moment we saw him, we get to see Reeve's character and where he stands with the rest of the higher Shinra faces. No Caith Sith yet though.

  • Flashback -The classic moment between Tifa and Cloud is going to be in this game and it looks absolutely adorable.

  • The Creation of Materia -I can't remember right now if there was a scene where we get to see Shinra create Materia but this one seems to be present in the remake. It's also the same scene where we see Scarlet.

  • Jenova -Okay! An early boss fight with Jenova in part one!

And awesomeness! There's plenty more to talk about but obviously I just took note on the scenes and/or revelation that stood out to me. This trailer was very meaty and not a lot of repeated things from previous trailers. Of course still waiting on other things like Yuffie & Vincent revelation, Rufus, Elena, that #DiD scene with Tifa... much more! But I'm very happy with what we got! Well, that's about it!

Until Next Time!

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