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Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Not gagged?!

A'rlen may be the cutest and best Warrior of Light, that doesn't mean she's invulnerable to certain plight of being a heroine (clearly--my head canon #commissions shows some distressing times). In game and canonically, she receives a fair share of unceremonious moments. Here I am sharing those said moments.

The bloody banquet was obviously her first exposure to the duress of being a heroine. Set up, betrayed, and captured, the great Warrior of Light watched helplessly as the events folded in front of her.

Of course, being A'rlen, she had to be silenced and silenced hard thus the giant over the nose gag was added. And how nice of her captors to give her a gag that is actually quite fancy and suitable for someone as special as the Warrior of Light! Though much to her dismay, she wasn't given the treatment that a heroine deserved to have. Shame! Though her captors should have learned to put more bindings on her.

And A'rlen being carted off by a giant magitek hand. Although that is a mount so it's not necessarily 'canon', but one can make it up since it is "in-game".

Ah. Mystical fetters. BINDGA!

I definitely enjoyed this scene! While a bit short and, clearly, lacking a few little details that a DiD lover such as myself would desire, it does still falls in line with what I adore in DiD. This is actually a group moment so I just decided to focus in on A'rlen. Though... Y'shtola does get a moment there too... so...

While the one before this is more or less magical by nature, the peril A'rlen (and a cute Viera) finds herself in is within the realm of technological bonds. This little scene is within the Gunbreaker quest line and it was a nice little surprise. Glad I decided to be a Tank otherwise I would have missed this little moment! Also, that cute Vierra is just icing on the cake! On an already sweet cake!

I'm not sure if there are more DiD moments I missed (probably)--and if they fall in line with job classes that A'rlen won't take, then I'll miss it. We'll see what Endwalker brings though. AND, there's always the commissions coming (oh trust me, there's more).

Until Next Time!

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