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FFXIV: Dawntrail

We have a brand new announcement for the next expansion of FFXIV! And this one is called Dawntrail! Let's just get to the point and take a gander, shall we?

Yeah, it looks damn good, doesn't it? The CGs for FFXIV's expansions always look great! There's not much in terms of what's going on other than it's a brand new world and a whole new adventure. I need to finish the previous patches. In the mean time, enjoy what FFXIV Fan Festival 2023 Day 1 had to offer! And believe me, what I'm even showing is just a scratch! I'm just highlighting the trailer of Dawntrail, basically!

There's A'rlen's boy! Standing tall like he usually does, doesn't he? Estinien 1.0, I'll always miss it. But I don't mind his "Scion" look.

Not a fan of her, but she does look cute most times. Her Endwalker outfit is sexy.

And then there's A'rlen's girl! Y'shtola looking like she's poking around where she's not supposed to, eh? I'm pretty sure she's gonna be alright. But I'm sure the updates are coming within the next few months for sure.

Well, I'll be updating (hopefully) with more FFXIV goodness. The Fan Festival 2023 is now on Day 2 so more goodies for sure! Here's to that!

Until Next Time!

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