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FFXIV: Fan Festival London 2023 News (Day 1)

Another update for Final Fantasy XIV! The Fan Festival in London for this year may not be something I watched but here are some cliff notes for some hard-hitting news. The next part of #FFXIV is right around the corner!

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An extended trailer! To be honest, our gal, Y'shtola, doesn't get more time but Estinien gets a moment and it's glorious. Alizae is adorable here for some reason, and we get to see the WoL (or Meteor...) in action with the new job he is promoting. Said job is the new job for the expansion: Viper.


DPS Melee: Viper

The Viper is a melee DPS class that I will, for sure, give A'rlen to use! Just have to find a slot on her glam set. Looks amazing though! The dual blades may be a bit more on a Ninja thing, but hey!

Also, this dual-wielder can combine their weapons togehter and it's a Dragoon--ish. Yeah, this is perfect for A'rlen!


The Crossovers

This was a given, for sure. Final Fantasy XVI was made by the same team, after all (though the quality dropepd with the 16th titled FF for some reason). I definitely not surprised at all.

Revamping Ifrit for the event? Torgal as a mount? A cute Torgal minion? Clive's glam? All FFXVI into FFXIV. I'm definitely excited to get Torgal as a mount, of course.

This..... this I do not know what is this. But it's there?


Well, I'm sure there are more news coming before Dawntrail's release on Summer 2024. In the mean time, this is what we got. I'm pretty excited and Final Fantasy XIV continues to impress. I've got some patches to catch up on but needless to say, I'm going to catch up and will be ready for #Dawntrail!

But here's the FULL VIDEO for Day 1. Let's see what Day 2 brings.

Until Next Time!

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