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FFXIV: Random A'rlen Moments

Just a quick glance at A'rlen Sirushi and her life at the moment within the world of #FFXIV. While she hasn't been too active, nor has she moved forward with the MSQ, the Cutest WoL in the First and the Source had done a few things noteworthy for me to just post something about. With that said, let's take a look, shall we?

A'rlen Chronicles

Weapon chasing

Yes, still getting upgraded weapons since, you know, we are still finishing out the Manderville Weapons Quest! There have been some winners, for sure, but for the main Dragoon and Machinist weapons, the glam continues. At any rate, here are some jobs that have some new tools for the trade!

Initially, I thought I was going to be sticking with the Titanbronze Zaghnal look, but I found myself bouncing between a couple of Scythes. Mostly with the Manderville choices. This one is actually nice looking, so we'll see what the next level of Manderville weapons looks like, eh?

Now that is one good-looking rapier. Red blade, red energy, and red... talisman floating thing!

As I mentioned before, A'rlen is not a caster. That means the Red Mage job doesn't get utilized as much. But I will say that I have been coming across some amazing-looking weapons for the RDM. Let's see what the last version of Manderville Weapon looks like!

Ah! The tank job that I hardly use! Between this and the Red Mage, most definitely the less used one (if you don't count the jobs for Hand and Land). The weapon doesn't look anything fancy yet, but sometimes the simple look is nice. This is the first level of the weapon for the Manderville so will for sure get some glowy ones later.

Meeting Dragoons

There are Dragoons aplenty on Eorzea, that's a fact. I usually try to snap a picture wearing the Drachen (augmented or not) set and/or the Wyrm set. But I came across this cutie holding a crimson-red Longinus. Her armor, the Dragonlancer's set, I wear it quite frequently as my 'mid-boss' armor. I love how she crimsoned it out!

Fun in the Sun

Discovering that the umbrella has gestures, I'm all for some cute and sexy pics of A'rlen! A'rlen just wants to walk around Limsa enjoying the adorable shade of her fat cat parasol!

How about some beach fun, right? Look at her! She's just having so much fun!

There are moments when she's allowed to have fun, you know! Too much distress with saving the world, fighting eikons, and resolving political shenanigans definitely warrants a little dip in the warm but cathartic waters of Costa Del Sol.

Random Days

Gestalt?! I love how FFXIV plays on some of the memes that had followed the Final Fantasy series over the decades. Emperor Gestalt... the dog. Also, that's an outfit that I haven't featured yet. I need to, but don't really know how exciting it would be since it's just a Leatherworker. But we'll see.

Then there's this little concert that I ran across. This group of Bunny-Lalas was so good. They played a few songs from Linkin Park like "In the End". A nice surprise to run into them. They built a small crowd too.

And, of course! What's A'rlen Sirushi without her foray with her main Dragoon armor, right? But I should really get back into the Main Quest since I am a couple of patches behind. Still, there's nothing wrong with merely having fun. And that's truly what the Cutest WoL is doing!

Until Next Time!

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