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FFXIV: Taking a Break

February 2021 I went inside Eorzea and A'rlen Sirushi started her adventures.

2744 hours later, the adventures was, suffice to say, fruitful. But on 02/23/22, I "cancelled" my subscription. Temporarily, of course.

I loved every second of it. And here I am tucking the Cutest WoL--for a little bit. Yes, as the title states I'm taking a break from #FFXIV. I finished the main story and have grinded to my heart's content (nowhere near being done) for now. I'll come back, that much is obvious. But for now, it's time to take a break and venture off to other worlds (more on that later). But don't fret! A'rlen Sirushi is not going to disappear at all! #Commissions are still on their way, of course. The chances of in-game stuff is not going to be a frequent though.

But that's okay. We'll be back.


Until Next Time!

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