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FFXIV: Victory Fanfares I

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

This is a tale of the many victories within the realm of FFXIV. There's not much to this post. Just a wondrous sharing of the moments I have trumped and enjoyed within the realm of FFXIV.

The first victory. Look at that outfit! Definitely a newb outfit for sure!

Oh and look at that! Finishing my 24-man raid for A Realm Reborn! And yes, look at that Dragoon armor! I wore that for a LONG time, mind you.

The Primal Shiva victory! And that red outfit was something that was holding me over until I got my actual Red Dragoon armor.

THAT Red Dragoon armor. Well, it's not its full ruby red wash yet but it's the first step. Also, funny how that design of that spear becomes the image of the "Longinus-Zetta" that I am using as a glam for my Red Dragoon at this moment. I'm sure it will change, but right now, we'll stick with that.

And yes, the Scion Schoolgirl gunner outfit that I still use to this day. Or Machinist, should I say. I also updated the colors to ruby red so it looks more vibrant now.

Was a gunner for a while during Heavensward. That and I like the outfit that Tataru made especially in red.

And sometimes, victories are not as smooth and crisp. Just ask Jenn there about my performance and how I spent the better last quarter of the fight off the stage!

The grueling fights are also well worth a nod or two. Suffice it to say, this was a very difficult one to go through but with a good party member and a supporting friend, I had an easy enough time to navigate.

And some funny dungeons and boss fights. Jenn decided to be an old lady. And yes, that was one of my pugilist outfits for my Miqo'te.

Some victories comes out hilariously well earned. That AOE debacle was Jenn's fault, by the way not mine!

And there are moments that were hard pressed and the victory isn't as much of a feeling of solace. May the darkness embrace you within her cold arms.

Greetings to an old friend.

And I know, it seems like it's only Jenn and I, huh? Well there are moments when an extra friend joins or a random decides to photo bomb.

This majestic beast needs all our company it seems.

Then there was this epic boss battle that I enjoyed very much! I also happened to performed quite admirably so I was pretty happy with this fight!

And there I am going solo and someone decides to join the photo. I don't mind!

Well, I believe that's as much spamming I can do for now. This probably won't be the last when it comes to Victory Fanfare posts or just FFXIV in general. Clearly there's an explanation to be had since my stance on FFXIV took a drastic turn. Well, that's for another time. In the mean time, expect to see more of A'rlen Sirushi through in-game pictures and commissions. Will be fun.

Until Next Time!

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