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Final Fantasy VII R: Opening Movie and New Info

Some odd years ago when I was but a boy, this game came out. Some odd years later, the remake for this epic game is just a corner stone away and let me say that I can't be any more excited for it. This remake for the Opening Movie brings me to tears. I just can't wait.

I'm terribly excited. But before my excitement takes over...

Here's another video analysis and info dump from TheNightSkyPrince. He breaks it down with some new info on abilities, side quests, materias, and then some.

Here are some hi-res renders of some of our favorite characters!

This guy has some of the best scenes in the game. Definitely one of my favorite story arcs! Can't wait to replay it with modern day graphics and love!

This guy!

Carbuncle is getting some heat, which to me, he looks alright. But Cactuar and Choco-chick looks incredible!

Now, I've made it known that Final Fantasy VII is NOT my favorite Final Fantasy, but I will say that it's on the top five. It's also my gateway to the Worlds of Final Fantasy, so for that it means a lot more than I can say.

Until Next Time!

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