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Final Fantasy VII Remake: Updates

Reimagining of a classic picture

Oh yes! I didn't forget about this game because of the holidays and... #Frozen2. But I do want to talk about all the updates with this little gem that's coming out March 2020.

Fan favorite Reno

First and foremost, we get some high resolution pictures of some of the characters. We got a reveal of the Turks not too long ago so it's only fitting we get a high-res of these guys.


The Turks has always been in plain suits but, of course, they look as good as ever within a very JRPG world. I want to see Tseng and Elena though.

The Aerith picture above is, of course, very reminiscent of a classic picture from the FFVII manual--missing the Highwind, but that's okay. This picture is another redo of a classic picture and it shows Barrett and Marlene in the Church Slums. The details are amazing, that much is certain.

We also get to see a classic summon, Chocobo & Moogle (formerly ChocoMog)--clearly deviating from the original game since this summon doesn't appear until outside of Midgar. Then again, Ifirt and Shiva area also deviating from the original FFVII script.

Aerith's House

More environment shots that are rather well detailed. If this is the amount of attention that we are going to be getting from this game, then we are on a good road.

Material building; reminds me of FFXIII

Weapons customization

Now these are some of the gameplay mechanics that will truly define what the first episode will do for the players. Definitely, from what I can see, is an improvement from the original. The more we can feel like we have control of our characters' in-game growth, the better in my opinion. The more things to do, the more replay value, engagement, and obviously longevity.

TheNightSkyPrince's videos details the things that are happening with FFVII R a bit more than I can. Some of these things are going over what I already briefly shared about and some more info with statements from the individuals that are personally involved with the remake of Final Fantasy VII.

Soldier_1stClass is another Youtuber who is highly informative when it comes to Final Fantasy stuff--FFVII Remake content. Apparently there will be a new trailer soon. Hoping to see Red XIII and Elena!

Well, that's it for me, at least for now. Definitely waiting for more content when it comes to this 2020 game! Terribly excited!

Until Next Time!

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