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Final Fantasy X-2: 21st Anniversary

Updated: Mar 15

Imagine that. 21 years later, eh? One of my favorite Final Fantasy that seems to get a lack of disdain for obvious reasons. But it's hard for me to hate this game when Rikku was a spotlight here for me. So with that said, this post is just a few glimpses and shoutouts to FFX-2 through in-game shots, fan art, cosplays, commissions, and just some of my words. So let's celebrate FFX-2's 21st bday, shall we?


The story of FFX-2 continues Yuna's story. Which is part of the reason why FFX-2 gets the shade that it does is because, to many (myself included), Final Fantasy X's ending was perfect. It didn't NEED a sequel.

FFX-2 is a beautiful game with some gorgeous FMVs to show off the girls in all their glory. Yes, I'm aware that the game has an appeal to it but, again, the game had a charm and the fortitude to go against the norm for a Final Fantasy.

In-game models also looked good. Looked even better when the HD remix was released.

That Rikku smile! How can you NOT fall in love with her?

Nomura's art also had a way of making the Gullwings look their best. I love the official art as well as the promotional renders.

The Dresspheres! Who can forget their involvement? They are basically the gameplay's main attraction. There are a ton to choose for the gals and I'm not going to showcase them all here but they are available to see with a quick search.

While the Dressphere above is part of the +Last Mission addition, I do like keeping the special Dresspheres to heart no matter what. Yuna's variant of the Psychic Dressphere is a bit more JRPG than the other gals--though that's not much of a statement since they all have that impractical flare.

The HD Remix allowed for new camera angles during victory fanfare. Something I appreciate, of course.

Yes, Paine in a Tonberry outfit.

The ultimate Dressphers of the Gullwings! Of course, Rikku's Machina Maw is my favorite but Yuna's Floral Fallal had something to offer!

The intro FMV was something else. Yes, way outside the usual Final Fantasy shenanigans, but it is something that caught my attention. From Summoner to Popstar, I'm aware that it is a bit jarring when we are talking about Yuna. Though to be fair, that ain't Yuna! At least, not in the beginning.


The fandom community has poured their heart and soul into some of the gorgeous artworks I'm about to share. Of course, it's obvious that there are many MANY more out there but here are some. Do check out the artists' galleries for more awesome stuff.

The pic above is one of the cutest pics I've seen of the Gullwings. Caught their personality with those happy expressions.

Pyreflies. Can Yuna still dance as a Gunner?

The pic above definitely captured the vibe of the Gullwings.

Weirdream13 made some good artwork of YRP, didn't they?

At times its easy to forget that Lenne and Shuyin were even part of the game.


Pretty well known that I'm big into commissioning. One of my very first commissions involved none other than Rikku herself--then of course the "DiDressphere" commission project came as well.

The DiDressphere commission project definitely was successful. Debating to do a Yuna one but with a lot of commission projects going on, not sure if I can commit to it.

Speaking of other projects! Rikku did join Arlen's Crusade. She had a blast too. Kind of.

Rikku also had a run-in with Elsa of Arendelle. Imagine that.

And of course, I also commissioned a Non-DiD moment for Rikku. A few handful too, mind you.

And Yuna also got some LOVE from me, of course. Very similar to Rikku's songstress DiDressphere.


I covered some amazing cosplayers in my Rikku Cosplayers posts some time back. And just like fanart, it's impossible to gather EVERY piece of cosplay art.



Shirogane-Sama is a reoccurrence in my blog for a myriad of cosplaying.


FFX-2 will remain to be one of my favorite Final Fantasy for a lot of reasons but for sure Rikku is a big part of that. But can't take away the fact that the game had a charm that no other Final Fantasy has. It is also the first Final Fantasy sequel and it broke what was established within a Final Fantasy game. So here's to its 21st year! Man time went by so fast, didn't it? Maybe after catching up on some games I need to replay this again.

Until Next Time!

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