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Final Fantasy XVI: The Eikons

We're getting so close to this game's release! And Square Enix isn't slowing down with promoting this game and all its glory! The official Web Site definitely has some goodies to share and I happily took them in to promote my own excitement!

Let's start with Phoenix! As one of the Eikons on the logo, it can't be denied just how important its role is for the overall story! I mean, he might be a pivotal character--at least who his dominant would be.

And back-to-back, Ifrit is once again front and center! Though I feel like his role in FF16 will be much more profound compared to his FF15 counterpart. besides, he is Clive Rosefield's starting Eikon, based on the trailers and gameplay we've seen so far. Two fire elemental summons too!

Let's talk about Titan. Yes, that's right! The gargantuan muscle summon that has been a staple in Final Fantasy for a long time now. He brought a tower to hit us with.

The beautiful Ice Queen is back! And just like her FFXIV and FFX counterparts, she is fancy, beautiful, and ready to freeze anyone that gets in her way. Her dominant is also a very important character in Clive's life so there's that! Also, is she holding two giant blades?! Looks like she's hacking-slashing and throwing magic this time again!

So Cid is another "Thunder God", eh? Thunder God Cid. Very nice. I'm sure that wasn't by accident. I do like that! Also, Ramuh doesn't look frail this time around, eh?

Odin! He looks pretty good! I do appreciate the consistency with his design! While there are differences, the homages and signatures of his design always pull through almost every time!

Garuda's second visit as a Final Fantasy Eikon is also not an accident. Considering that Yoshi-P and Creative Business Unit III are in charge, they are for sure going to bring their baby along for a monstrous and epic battle! The second female Eikon in the game and her Dominant looks like a feisty one!

Then, of course, the Dragon of Final Fantasy! Bahamut himself! If he's not going to be a grand showing, I don't know what would be. Is he the final Eikon? Does he have an alternate form to pay homage to his variant cousins? We shall see!

I am excited about this game. That much is obvious. There will probably be a couple more promotional stuff and a possible reveal of tie-in action figures and merch (license your IPs, Square!). But definitely, in a little more than a month, going to have this game in my hands and I'm going crazy! Can't wait for June!

Until Next Time!

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