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Frozen: Elsa & Anna Case Study

Since we are still in November, and when we are within this month, we are in the territory of Frozen--my Frozen fandom (Some Odd Years Ago, of course, Frozen II came out). In this post, I want to take a look at a channel called "Cinema Therapy". Their channel is quite unique because the analysis is based on the expertise of a therapist and a filmmaker--and so far, from what I have seen, they stay on the positive side (with some critiques) and don't lean on bashing anything for clicks. Well, with that said, they took on Elsa & Anna's characters through the lens of the two Frozen movies. They're done quite well and so here they are for those interested:

Elsa's case study really focuses on her arc as someone who is an introvert--one who pushes people away when put under duress, mostly due to how different she is and how she was nurtured to deal with said difference. The video looked at this through her arcs in both movies and it was a treat.

I wasn't a fan of Anna in the first Frozen but in the second film, I truly understood and grew to adore her. This video also does a fine job digging into Anna's abandonment issues and the growth she had made between the two movies. Definitely highlighted her moment in "Do The Right Thing".

No secret that I adore the Frozen Franchise to this day and I do appreciate unique channels such as Cinema Therapy which takes the time to look at movies/properties in a unique and positive way. Definitely check out those videos and their channel for more analysis like the ones they did on Elsa and Anna. In the meantime, time to enjoy the festivities!

Until Next Time!

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