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Funko POP: Altmer (ESO)

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

Another ESO addition to my #POP line ups! This time it's the Female High Elf from the trailers! I don't know much about her but I do think she looks cool and she was pretty capable in the trailers. So with that said, let's check out this POP Altmer from ESO!

This Altmer never really got an official name so it makes sense that they only call her "High Elf" on her packaging. The funny thing is that background for the POP art is a nostalgia map since it reminds me of #Oblivion map and of course, it carries on to #Skyrim. So Altmer is number 56 in the fray of POPs!

I was highly considering the POP Breton because he looks pretty cool and he had some pretty hardcore moments in the trailer/short movies of ESO. Though the 'neutral' and dated posture that one can only see in past POPs really threw me off. The POP Nord is the next best thing, but he isn't as interesting to me as the Altmer and the Breton.

I liked the Altmer's outfit in the ESO trailers/short movie. It looks very elvish and fantasy like. It has some skin to show, but overall, it looks good enough to pass as something that could protect her. I also like the fact that it has an earth tone color, which, doesn't translate as good in her POP form, but it does well enough. Although for some reason, I feel like there are less details with this POP compared to other POPs in the past. Though the addition of the magic effect coming out of her right hand as she wields her Altmer blade is pretty convincing.

The posture is also acceptable. She has enough sass but doesn't look like she's trying to be overly sexualized. The trailer, while she is not overly attracting, she's still got some features that draws me to her looks but at the same time it's how she fights in battle that sells her to me. I'm glad her POP form is able to capture that essence.

I have already mentioned that her color scheme does not translate well as a POP. It's not Funko's fault it's just that these earth tone figures just doesn't look as good to me as other POPS do. Though the translucent green for her magic effect does wonders for the figure over all.

Here is the POP Altmer next to the Daedra warrior POP, Naryu POP, and Vivec POP. I didn't include Alduin here since he is a 6 inch POP, but yeah, my Elder Scrolls POP is growing. I hope to get a Khajiit one day!

Overall, the POP Altmer is decent. I wouldn't say she's a must but she came with a decent price tag. She has some good qualities and represents her in-game version well enough. That's about it though for my toy review!

Until Next Time!

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