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Funko POP: Atrociraptor (Ghost)

Another Dinosaur #POP in my collection! Since the first one took out most of the 'new' things about this kind of POP, we'll just jump right in to the main review, shall we. No need for a big intro!

Another horizontal box. It's definitely a nice change to my POP line ups for sure since this is my second one of the bunch. Let's keep going, shall we?

Well, it's pretty obvious I have been grabbing some of the ones on this line up. More on that later.

I haven't seen this albino "Velociraptor" through screenshots. I must admit, with the white skin and those red eyes, must be a sight. Not to mention, not matter what, Hollywood style Velociraptors are always a sight. The stylized POP version does magic on its own.

As before, the bump, ridges, and reptilian skin are sculpted, giving this POP a bit more depth that it needs. And posing wise, it's kind of hard to tell what it is doing but it seems like something it would do in the movies so that's that. The traditional raptor claws are also present.

I do like the little arms and how they're ... up to something? I don't know.

The color is quite good as well. Ghost is not full on white, rather a peach white of some sort. I don't now. But the caramel-y white stripes definitely adds more pop as well as the back nails and red eyes. Seriously, I should look at a screen shot of this guy.

Here is POP: Ghost next to POP: Giganotosaurus. Definitely nice to see two POP Dinosaurs together!

As my second reptilian POP, it's not bad. It's actually nice and I do like the unique color scheme of this thing. An albino Dinosaur, go figure. Again, it's more of a collecting thing rather than an attachment to the franchise. As a POP Dinosaur, I definitely recommend. It's an easy pass for many and I can see why.

Until Next Time!

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