• Onyx

Funko POP: Brooklyn (Gargoyles)

The next Gargoyle to join my #POP collection is none other than Brooklyn, my favorite Gargoyle from the Disney animated show from way back when! Without waiting for the sunset, let's get right into the review!

Even in my younger days, I gravitated to the color red. Any characters who are dominantly red in character design always intrigued me. Brooklyn definitely fit that mold. He was the 'serious' one, the second in command, and even though he didn't get as much 'shining moments' as someone like Broadway, he did get one particularly awesome part in the "what if" episode: a world where Xanatos succeeded in his conquest and the Gargoyles and a few others are fighting to liberate the world. Brooklyn was in charge and in love with Demona. But beyond that, I did wish Brooklyn had more pivotal moments in the show. He might have been the second in command, but he didn't really shine in his endeavors as much as he should have. Oh well. He still looked cool and at one point he had an awesome looking bike.

Really tempted to get this set as a whole!