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Funko POP: Brooklyn (Gargoyles)

The next Gargoyle to join my #POP collection is none other than Brooklyn, my favorite Gargoyle from the Disney animated show from way back when! Without waiting for the sunset, let's get right into the review!

Even in my younger days, I gravitated to the color red. Any characters who are dominantly red in character design always intrigued me. Brooklyn definitely fit that mold. He was the 'serious' one, the second in command, and even though he didn't get as much 'shining moments' as someone like Broadway, he did get one particularly awesome part in the "what if" episode: a world where Xanatos succeeded in his conquest and the Gargoyles and a few others are fighting to liberate the world. Brooklyn was in charge and in love with Demona. But beyond that, I did wish Brooklyn had more pivotal moments in the show. He might have been the second in command, but he didn't really shine in his endeavors as much as he should have. Oh well. He still looked cool and at one point he had an awesome looking bike.

Really tempted to get this set as a whole!

Brooklyn has the long snout that gives him the pterodactyl-like look. He also has those horns and that cool looking white/silver hair. Other than that, he looks pretty much the same as the other gargoyles since he doesn't wear anything other than his loin cloth. Other than Lexington, Brooklyn is the next lean, border line scrawny Gargoyle. He isn't built like Goliath and Broadway, but just like the rest of them, he is strong, agile, and is one heck of a fighter by his own right. As a POP figure, he pretty much looks like the cartoon version in POP form. Can't complain at all. All the details that one needs to recognize Brooklyn is all there. Though I'm not sure if I can dig that smile that he has... or is he supposed to be smirking? I don't know.

Arms crossed looking like a serous Gargoyle that he is, good enough posture. That smirk however is throwing it off. There isn't anything wrong with this posture at all in the grand scheme of things though. I like it.

I remember Brooklyn being darker red but this color seems just right too. I like the different shades that we get between his skin and the lining of his wings. Also the back of his wings are black, which was pretty cool back in the cartoon when he folded them (something that all the Gargoyles with the 'norm' wings did; Goliath did it best). The white hair is also fantastic. Again, I want the angry glowing white eyes, but we get the normal black. Oh well.

At the end of the day, it's a pretty cool POP. It's a character I like from a series I used to be really into and to get some kind of merchandise that involves said series is a cool thing. Brooklyn may not be the most popular Gargoyle, but he is my favorite, nonetheless. Glad to have him and Funko did a great job. Other than that, that's about for this POP review.

Until Next Time!

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