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Funko POP: Captain America (Homecoming)

Updated: May 26

Another POP! Another gift from my friend from her Collector Corps collection! This time around, we are going to be checking out Captain America's cameo moment in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Let's take a look at it, shall we?

I have an odd relationship with MCU Spider-Man, that much is certain. But I'm glad that Captain America managed to squeeze in some camera time, even if it was somewhat ridiculous and somewhat unnecessary.

It's a unique cameo for Captain America. And it shows him in his classic MCU Avengers outfit. An outfit that I don't feel gets enough love.

Bobblehead POP

Staying true to the cameo moment, this Captain America POP does not have his shield with him. Weird, right? But what he does have is a chair and a very relaxed and inviting posture on said chair. The pose is well done and it looks pretty accurate to the moment. I'm honestly impressed with the amount of sculpting details on Steve's costume, something that he does have despite it being the first Avenger outfit. Lots of little indents, texture changes, and little details that truly do make it look genuine to Captain America's first modern look in the MCU. Well done.

Loving that detail all over!

No complaints about the colors. It really does a job well done on replicating that vibrant look Cap had in the first Avengers. There's a small defect on the face/mask, but overall, no problem. I do like it.

Captain America and two of his mainstay villains in the comics. They're not the usual dance partners in the MCU though.

Made me realize that this is my only Captain America POP. Also made me realize that I don't have the big 3 of the Avengers (other than Iron Man, of course). As a cameo, I really enjoyed this, as a POP, I think this is good. Another win from my friend's collection. I recommend!

Until Next Time!

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