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Funko POP: Coca-Cola Bottlecap

#POP Icons! This time around we got ourselves Coca-Cola in the form of a bottle cap with a bottle opener. Well, let's get into this silly thing, shall we?

I'm not going to get into every Ad Icons POP since this series is also pretty extensive, and if I am to be honest, not all of them look good. I am, however, going to get into the ones that I think have meaning for me because I consume them and/or they look cool. With that said, I drink (or used to) drank a TON of Coke. Every once in a while I still do but I've always been a bigger fan of coke for many of reasons! Mind not the fully red scheme.

I'm going to get the can. One of these days I will!

Design's pretty simple, honestly. It's a bottle cap, that much is obvious. Sculpted with the ridges and the sort all around its .... head/body. This one has arms and legs, the feet wearing ankle chuck taylors, a smiley face, and then the Coca-Cola logo with the 'enjoy' slogan. He's holding bottle opener, which, all things considered, it's kind of ironic! He's got a very neutral pose as if welcoming us to the product he represents. Fitting, that's for sure.

Sculpt really shows off from behind. I know, that sounds wrong.

Color-wise, it's quite good actually. Not a lot of variation in regards to color, but what is given it's clean and isn't, in my eyes, too bad. The bright red plastic definitely sticks out and the logo and face looks good with it. All in all, good on this department.

Here is POP Coca-Colla Bottlecap next to POP Jollibee. No reason why I put them together other than I decided to grab Jollibee. But if anything else, Coke is served in Jollibees.

It's not a must for a lot but a neat addition for certain mementos. Coke is a well known company and I can imagine a lot of POP collectors having it for the sake of and/or really holds Coke to some regard. But with a decent sculpt and pretty clean paint job, it's not a bad catch. Going to get the can and this one, I feel, will get amplified. Other than that, nothing else to really say.

Until Next Time!

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