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Funko POP: Defender Strange

Updated: Jan 24

Multiverse of Madness time! This #POP is the first iteration of Dr. Strange within the concept of the Multiverse of Madness.

A Walmart exclusive y'all! That doesn't really mean much to me until I find a character that can only be found one their respective exclusive store. This one means much and let's see how it all puts together. And I do like this outfit--I liked it in comics and I definitely appreciated it getting the #MCU makeover.

A decent set but the Illuminati would be nice to have in #POP form.

I'd like to say that it's blood from Defending America, but that's definitely paint mishap

The pose, right off the get-go, isn't exactly something I'm going to go out of my way to celebrate. In fact, it's a bit oof a missed opportunity since some magical effects is sorely missed. Though the little details placed with Defender Strange's outfit is quite nice and it gives this POP with a lackluster pose some depth. That part I do like. Lots of little details that are present makes up for the lack of magic-y gimmick pose and effects, more or less.

Ponytail is also done well

Other than the red paint on his forehead, the rest of the colors are sharp and clean. The gold highlights bounce of the dominant black and the dark hues of red. There's not much to say, it's done well and there are very few to no bad spots. I also like the hair and how it looks black, but it's actually dark brown and it contrasts to the black outfit.

It's a decent POP. The little details are really good and the outfit is definitely one of my favorite Dr. Strange outfit. As a POP I can recommend it. Again, it's nothing grand or anything but it does have somethings to offer. And if one is trying to complete everything with Dr. Strange and his Multiverse of Madness versions, he is a must.

Until Next Time!

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