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Funko POP: Demona

I've always liked Demona and apparently so did Funko since she is the only villain that was good enough to be included in the #POP wave of the Gargoyles. So let's just get right into the review of POP Demona!

Demona wasn't exactly wrong for some of her beliefs. Of course, we don't find out about what exactly went down with Demona's life until a later season. She had always implied that she did not survive into the present day world the same way as Goliath and the others did. The whole "I have a name too, Goliath. The humans gave it to me long ago" line pretty much poked at the idea. I mean, she wasn't named Demona when they were alive. Then when we meet Macbeth, he stated that he was the one that named her... and that whole entire mysterious turn of events were told through a series of flashback. It gave depth to Demona and through her experience, through her rage, her sadness, and all the horrible things she went through and put herself through, I actually found myself attracted to the tragedy. I found myself understanding why she felt the way she did and why she had the need to be the way she was. But on the other hand, she was a bit extreme so I couldn't totally get on her side.

The more I look at it, the more and more I am tempted to get the entire set. They just seem to be meant to be bought together.

For a long while, Demona was the only female Gargoyle on the show. Of course the inclusion of Angela changed all of that (not to mention, that whole Avalon trip kept introducing us to a myriad of new Gargoyle faces, plenty of females like in Japan, South America, and England). She was the one to look at if you are anywhere near a pervert as me, well, her and Elisa Maza, but all in all, it's not just Demona's gender that allowed her to get my attention, it's the fact that she was interesting. All the Gargoyles may have had their own distinct personalities, and once or twice certain characters may have questioned as to why their loyalty remains with humanity, but for the most part, the Manhattan Clan stayed as they were. Demona was a constant mix of a villain, a heroine, a person struggling with her past feelings, and someone who constantly wants to act on her hatred. She is, at times, convoluted with her past details, but all in all, Demona has had growth that has been interesting to say the least.

Demona's POP version does shed some insight on her personality. How? Well, I like the fact that she has a sassy posture. And she has a smirk... wait, is this the first POP action figure that Funko painted lips on? I don't recall any others having it. But I digressed. The posture and the painted lips just really shows Demona's sardonic and hateful persona. Add that with the fact that Funko did an amazing job capturing as much details of the character's design in this stylized action figure, I'd say this was an accomplishment.

Demona's red hair is what perfectly capsulizes her fiery personality. It's a good mix with her lighter and less imposing skin color. Funko might have made her a bit lighter than I remember, but it works. The black outer layer of her wings is also quite nice. Then of course the little gold trinkets that she wears just adds another layer to her color palette. My only real complaint is that they didn't use red to color her eyes. I mean, why not?

Here are the Gargoyles POP I have in my collection so far: Goliath, Brooklyn, and Demona. Again, very tempted to get the entire set.

All in all, Demona is another fine addition to my POP line ups this year. She doesn't bring anything revolutionary in the game, but for what she is, she is definitely good. Again, I hope that the reemergence of the Gargoyles in this small way is Disney's way of trying to poke at the idea of the Gargoyles' return! I can only hope.

Until Next Time!

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