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Funko POP: Dinopool

What in the name is Dinopool? Who the heck is it? Much like the Spiderverse, Deadpool has myriad versions of himself that assemble in certain comic book pages. Of course, there's a dinosaur version of Wade Wilson, right? Let's go check out the POP, shall we?

Another Exclusive from Marvel Collector Corps. Yes, this is another POP supplied by my good friend. Part of the 30 years of Deadpool, of course.

I have too many things I'm collecting to start a Deadpool series. But if one tries, one can have an entire room of Deadpool merch and POP can help fill the gaps.

Yes, bobblehead!

Again, a T-Rex Deadpool is odd but here we are. It's sculpted like a dinosaur with some Deadpool gadgets and a color scheme--albeit inverted. The fact that I can see that is a dinosaur and a Deadpool all at the same time is a testament to the details given to this POP. The belt and swords are the main indicators of this Prehistoric Wade Wilson--the Deadpool logo as a buckle is just awesome, mind you. The swords could use a bit more detail but as far as Dinopool himself, he's pretty spot on for what we all picture for a T-Rex. He's got the chompers, the reptilian hands and feet, the tail, and throughout the figurine, there are sculpting details that show he has scales. No complaints. The pose, well, it implies he is roaring while brandishing his katanas so we're all well and good!

Look at those chompers! This is a very good angle of this POP. It looks so ridiculous that it's great! I love this thing.

Some good work on the coloring department. The red wash over the black body does the job of adding some good contrast with all the blackness. The dirty-implied-well-used fangs make it a ferocious-looking Merc-with-a-mouth kinda Dino. Again, the swords could have more details, especially in the hilt, but oh well. All in all, the colors are fine.

Here are some dinosaur POPs I own. He fits right in, right?

Yes, I don't have that many Deadpool POPs. Other than the Marvel Holidays Deadpool (2023), my Deadpool POPverse is very limited. I do have Marvel Zombies Deadpool though.

A Collectors Corps exclusive. A unique POP with a very humorous picture and intent. Yeah, this POP is another winner that my friend gave me. I love it. I am curious about the common version with its inverted colors. Would I get it? Most likely not. Very content with this one. I definitely recommend this one.

Until Next Time!

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