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Funko POP: Doctor Strange (MoM)

The bombardment of POPs continues this year! Been a bit since Doctor Strange did something in my blog, right? Well, here it is! Another MCC addition and it's none other than the Sorcerer Supreme himself! Let's get started with the review, shall we?

I remember Multiverse of Madness. Definitely not MCU's best but it still has a charm that didn't seem like it's part of Phase IV.

Bobblehead Strange!

As a Collector Corps variant, it does have its uniqueness. The first to bring up is the posture with the 'dragon spells' that are coming out of his hands. I do like this variation since it adds more to his standard version. They're done with care in terms of details--the dragons look menacing but still within the POP design. They also have a nice transition from dragon to energy. They extend out of Strange's hands and it looks convincing. As far as the pose, it fits. Strange's details on his outfit are all mostly present and they are appreciated. Also, I love the way they have his cloak's cowl attached to his head, making the bobblehead gimmick as fluid as possible; and while it has a weird gap between the cloak and the cowl, it still works just fine.

I do like the details on the dragon spell.

The cape details, the lining, and the such are nice details

The colors are all put together quite nicely. Stephen Strange's outfit isn't as simple as it looks since he has a lot of trinkets, straps, buckles, etc. Makes it sound like a 90s outfit, huh? All of that aside, it really is impressive that Dr. Strange's POP is given a lot of colors--from the threads on his belt buckle, the cloak lining, the dragon details, etc. All well done and for my copy, it's cleanly executed.

A good shot to admire some of Dr. Strange's details. Really impressive.

POP Defender Strange is my first Dr. Strange POP--odd, right? And while I like how Defender Strange looks, missing that cloak makes him look less supreme. Also, both have a lot of good details to appreciate.

I do think this is a good representation of Dr. Strange in POP form. As a Collector Corps exclusive, this one's got a lot of things going for it. I highly recommend this one. If this is the only Dr. Strange POP I have, I'd be very happy. Thanks again to my friend for this.

Until Next Time!

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