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Funko POP: Domino

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

Been some time since I reviewed a #POP but that time is over and here we are reviewing the POP of Domino! I've wanted this thing for a while and have had it in my backlog of reviews for a while now. It's only now that I got the chance to get this review going. So let's get right to it!

While Neena Thurman is (in)famously marketed with #Deadpool, this gun totting lady luck has had many interactions with a handful of Marvel characters; more specifically the X-Men/X-Force factions. She has had some ties with Wolverine (Sex and Violence, anyone?), Cable, Colossus, and of course, Deadpool. Her fame has gone up and down depending on where the X-Men comics were; for the most part she has been a low key character, but thanks to the X-Force and Deadpool 2 (despite me not really into her Cinematic iteration), her fame has catapulted to new heights!

Whether it be her albino or her dark skinned that is well known, all I can say is that at least she will have more chances to get more merchandise since she is one of my favorite #Marvel gals!

If I was to et anyone else fro this wave, it will probably be Cable. I am a fan of Colossus, but that's his Ultimate form. I'm not a fan of Ultimate X-Men.

And yes, silly me for not taking the picture of this angle of the box before taking Domino out of the packaging. Still works! Not really sure if there is much weight with or without taking it.

I'm glad that they went for this look for Domino. Again, I'm not a fan of the movie version of her and I would have probably passed on that real fast, but her X-Force look, I'm all for it! Honestly, it's a pretty simple and common look for gun totting, agile, martial artist, and sexy female character--black leather, skin tight, and definitely something that accentuate those curves. Of course, for what Domino does, it makes sense for her. She's black ops, clandestine, stealth type of character and she needs as less of a distraction from her attire as possible when she's jumping around. Also, the all black does give a GOOD contrast to her white skin. If Disney was to recreate the X-Men world, I would hope that they stay a bit more loyal to the source material, which, from the their track record, they've been pretty good about it. I want Domino redone in the image of her true glory and not the one we got from Deadpool 2.

As usual, the sculpt for such a miniature and stylized figure is impressive. She has buckles and straps to give some depth to her all black leather outfit, and the sculpted guns definitely plays off with her posture. Domino's stance implies that she is about to reach for her pistol in a confident and serious fashion; hips popped to one side, definitely giving a grin to the unlucky fellow she is about to shoot between the eyes. That's Domino--sexy, but not over sexualized, confident but still skilled behind that sense of pride in her abilities.

Domino is dominantly black with a bit of white thanks to her albino skin (like the domino pieces she is modeled after... luck and color). Not much color variations but we get shiny black for her suit, silver buckles, matted black hair, and the contrasting white skin... I'd say it's Domino all around. The only thing that throws me off is that blue dot on her face which is usually black, but I see why Funko did that; too much black and not enough contrast, even if the white is quite a good opposite.

Here is POP Domino next to her Marvel Legends counter part. The similarities are there but both take different aspects of Domino's past costumes. I like the difference for sure. That blue dot on the POP still throws me off but purple guns doesn't exactly say 'discreet'.

Like I said, I've been a fan of Domino for bit; ever since Sex and Violence and her time with X-Force, I've really been wanting more of her and I'm glad we got both a Marvel Legends and a POP of her. Who's to say that she won't be getting more merchandise as the months and/or years go by? #Bishoujo_Domino, anyone?

Until Next Time!

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