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Funko POP: El Animal Indestructible

Lucha Libre POP coming in once more! Another Luchador Marvel character and this time it's James Howlett. Is this another hit that will take me by surprise? Well, let's just check out the POP, shall we?

Another addition from the Collector Corps. My good friend's crate of POPs really spoiled me, right? Just like the other two Lucha POPs, Wolverine gets the collector's edition paint job. The classic blue and yellow color for his tights and mask is replaced with the X-Force color scheme. I do enjoy this very much!

I'm almost positive that I'm not going to get any more of the Lucha Libres. But Deadpool and Iron Man might be a prospect. As a common though? Not sure.

Going to start it off with the positive side of things. The POP has all the details that the other Luchas have. The mask gets the attention to the stitching, and the lining, and it even leans hard on giving that Wolverine aesthetics. The gloves are done well with the signature Wolverine gloves. The pose is also fitting for Logan since it's that usual "Let's Go, Bub!" and his claws go snikt'ing out. This is where my MAIN issue with this POP comes out: HE HAS NO CLAWS! I am aware that illegal weapons causes a wrestler to be disqualified... BUT COME ON! Other than that, ti's a job well done sculpt-wise.

The colors are just as smooth and clean as one would expect from POPs these days. He didn't get the metallic shine but he got a comoletely alternate color so it works for me!

Are they a stable or rivals? As a superhero team-up, Wolverine is definitley out of place.

Next to POP: Days of the Future Past Wolverine, El Animal Indestructible really is sorely missing his claws, huh?

A good POP? Yes. Detailed sculptwork and clean coloring with an alternate paint really does this POP some good. I just can't get over the claws though, or lack of. But as a POP, it's definitley not a terrible pick. The Collector Corps special variant definitely helps it. I can recommend.

Until Next Time!

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