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Funko POP: Elsa Frozen 2 (GOLD)

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Well, what do you know? Another #POP Elsa in my collection. This one is a special edition of Elsa courtesy of Funko! So let's jump right into it, shall we?

Obviously, there are not a lot of things new about this POP. It's Elsa in her 'default' Frozen 2 outfit. It's the exact same mold (more on that) just recolored for a #FUNKO re-release. And honestly, there is nothing wrong with that for me. Being a gigantic Elsa and Frozen 2 fan, I don't mind taking every bit of morsel given to me when it comes to this franchise! As it is within the span of twelve months I've gotten 2 Elsa POPs so hooray on that!
 got some good stuff every once in a while. I mean, they do need to get exclusives on their own website and that makes sense and I'm glad some of these exclusives catch my attention.

One of the gimmicks of these Disney re-releases is the POP enamel pins. I won't be using it like I would my other pins. I'm keeping this POP Elsa Gold MIB and the pin stays inside for MIB purposes.

Obviously, this is a familiar sculpt so there's not much use in me going through a lot of it. It's definitely just a fresh coat on a mold already used and probably did some numbers for Funko due to Frozen 2's popularity.

I still like the sculpt of her hair, of course.

Again, just a new coat on Elsa's outer dress, her boots, and a repaint of blue with her underdress and cape. It looks really good, honestly and while it's not my main idea for Elsa color-wise, it is Elsa POP. I don't mind.

Here is POP Elsa GOLD next to POP Elsa Frozen 2. Side-by-side, it is mostly the same except the original versions left arm is extended a bit more than the rerelease version.

Not a must but for me, it's a win. The gold touch is definitely something I'd admire and honestly, I'd get most POP Elsa these days. The extra pin and the feeling of 'special edition' usually catches my attention. I'm keeping this one MIB and will display her with the rest of my Elsa POPs. Happy to have her.

Until Next Time!

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