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Funko POP: Elsa Frozen 2 (News)

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Well, looks like Elsa is getting a lot of love from #Funko for her second full length movie, eh? Let's just get in and dig right into the goodies! Into the known stuff we go!

The first exclusive we're going to go over is the Amazon exclusive and what a fine one it is, least, it looks good from the stock pics. It's Elsa in her 'night-gown' outfit; the one that I absolutely adore because it harkens her back to her burgundy color. Got this preordered already!

The Target exclusive is Elsa in her "default(?)" Frozen 2 outfit but the difference is that she has that adorable salamander in her hand. Not sure if this is something I will be getting, but chances are that I am.

Walmart gets the outfit that I seem to like A LOT when it comes to the known Elsa outfits for the second movie. Walmart calls it "Elsa (Dark Sea)", and that makes sense. I call it: barefoot Elsa or ponytail Elsa. At any rate, this is preordered and will be revealed in November 1st and according to my confirmation Email, it will be ready for pick up on the 8th of November--AKA, Frozen 2 Month.

The 4th exclusive is Elsa's party(?) dress. It's actually an outfit of hers that was just recently revealed not too long ago and I don't dislike it, but for some reason, it's the least one that I like... so far. I'll probably have to go to the store and have a closer look to see how it turns out.

Then, of course, there's Elsa's standard version, which I also adore. Obviously have this one on preorder as well and I can't wait to get her in my hands.

And here are the other #POPs that have been revealed so far. I'm not sure who else I'll be getting aside from Elsa, but all of these look pretty damn good. Anna too. I'm sure I'll be reviewing them as soon as I get them in my collection!

Until Next Time!

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