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Funko POP: Gandalf the White (Earth Day Special)

Brown box for #POP? Well, this is an Earth Day Special so the box is implied to be 100% recycled. But let's not get into that. Let's talk about Gandalf the White in his POP form, shall we?

The box being brown is still an odd thing for me. Not going to see this often (or colored POP boxes in general) so might as well take it in. But over all, it does a fine job doing what it's meant to do and protect the figure inside while allow for consumers to see the POP inside. Also, it's recycled so it's helping the planet. It's a feel good all around, eh?

Not a huge Lord of the Rings fan so I'm going to leave it at Gandalf (and the one other LotR POP I own) unless I find a really good deal and/or get get enamored by one of these in person.

Gandalf is a strange and complicating one. If one is just going off the knowledge of Wizards through DnD and/or Final Fantasy, it's easy to just mistake him as a pointy hat Wizard who casts spells and the such--with the sword, easy to classify him as a battlemage or something. But Gandalf's story and origins are far, far more than your typical caster. Not going to get into it, but I will say that Gandalf went from Gandalf the Grey to Gandalf the White--which is what this POP is about. Sword and staff in tow, this POP delivers on a few good things to capture how Gandalf the White was (at least, the knowledge I have are the movies). The pose is dynamic and action based, his sword bloody--bathed in battle remnants, and then the expression... surprisingly its quite cool because it mirrors the heated moment that Gandalf seemingly in.

There are actually a lot of neat details with Gandalf. His outfit has some sculpting that tries to reflect Gandalf's movie appearance. His scabbard has effort given, the 'magical' effects on his staff--while not entirely convincing, still does a fine job, and then the hair also has sculpting that POP usually don't get. Impressive.

Gandalf the White is his name but surprisingly, the white isn't as prominent as one would expect. It's a bit more on the off-white side... like a dirty white of some sort. Now, I know he gets into some serious business but Gandalf the White is portrayed as some magical being so having his outfit fully white would have been good to see. Regardless, it's still well colored. The 'blood' spatters are evened out quite well and even if I don't delve into the glow-in-the-dark gimmick, for it to be there is quite nice. Everything from his magic spell, his sword, the buckles, all are painted well enough so I can't complain any more than the white being a bit on the dull side.

Here is POP Gandalf the White next to POP Witch King. A complete opposite of each other and they look quite nice.

As someone who isn't entirely a die-hard LotR fan, I'd say this would have been an easy pass had it not been for the novelty of 'supporting the planet'. Also, he's a good looking POP and I did enjoy Two Towers when I watched it way back when. Over all, good sculpting, good pose, a bit off on the white, but an overall impressive POP. For those fans who want a Gandalf POP, this is a good choice. I can totally recommend this if one can look past the ... lack of 'surreal' white.

Until Next Time!

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