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Funko POP: Giganotosaurus

#POPs are no stranger to my blog. Cleary I have a whole POP review section. This is kind of a new type of POP. Since this POP is a dinosaur, it's more of a horizontal creature rather than a vertical. The box accommodates that and we can see it right away. Well, let's go to the review, shall we?

Now, I haven't watched Jurassic Park since the 3rd one. Honestly, I really liked the first trilogy not knowing how much the quality diminished back then but I didn't care. Nowadays, everyone's critical for the right and wrong reason, and the latest trilogies are getting the same heat/love as the latest Star Wars trilogy. Saying all that, I am still a fan of dinosaurs, albeit not as much as before, but I do like how some look. The latest Jurassic Park movies take some liberties making some good looking visuals and as a stylized POP, it's definitely something I can appreciate. Giganotosaurus looks good as a dinosaur and just from the box itself, it's a good looking POP too.

As we go through the weeks, Gigantosaurus isn't the only one in the review schedule. But we'll get to that as we get closer to the date.

Admittedly, the design of this Dinosaur is pretty darn good looking. It's basically a T-Rex with a spine fin akin to that of a Spinosaurus but smaller and less 'fin-like'. Dinosaurs in general had a distinct reptilian look that have evolved due to recent discoveries, but the ones from the original Jurassic Park are the ones I will continue to picture them as regardless if they are factual or not. I think POP, for what they can do, did it them just fine.

Giganotosarus has a particularly amazing sculpt to it that is present consistently throughout the POP. Sculpting is great as from the cracks and ridges on the skin, to the teeth, the mouth, claws, etc. Not to mention the pose is definitely fitting for such a beast who has no other business other than chomping someone's head off.

Colors are done pretty good and no complaints from me. The design of the Dinosaur gives it plenty of variations, the small but obvious claw marks that is robust red really stands out. The different green on the Dinosaur is done quite well, the tongue, the eyes, I really have no complaints really. I do like how it turned out.

I'm sure the eyes are more reptilian in the movie but a big yellow dot is a good representation of Funko's style

Again it's a common but it's so much different from the usual. It's more horizontal and it definitely deviates from my usual picture layouts. Regardless, I like this. And I'm going to be honest now and say that it's not going to be the last one! I definitely think it's a good addition for those who just want a different addition to their commons. Not sure about the movies, but it's a good POP.

Until Next Time!

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