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Funko POP: Goliath (Gargoyles)

Before I say anything about the #POP figure itself, I just have to mention that that is ONE crooked picture. Okay, enough of that, on to the POP Goliath. This is a series I have been waiting for. I was curious to see how #Disney's Gargoyles was going to turn out into the POP version. Well, let's jump right into the review.

The TV series Gargoyles was something that I didn't expect Disney to make. The House of Mouse was known to be associated with Princesses and happy endings (rightfully so) so for them to come out with something a bit edgier like Gargoyles was out of the blue--but glad they took this route because the series was pretty great. Now it wasn't at all that dark or brutal since it was still a kids' show but it did have some elements that were not the stereotype of what Disney was into way back when. With the main casts consisting of a race that are typically associated with evil or demons, it is a definitely a nice take on what these creatures are and twisting their existence to create a lore that definitely worked for a little while. The main character, the leader of the group is called "Goliath". A brute but intelligent warrior whose presence truly commanded both respect and fear. He was kind hearted but able to turn on that switch for battle when need be. The rest of his clan and the other characters/villains that interacted with him are, for the most part, interesting. Again, I like the show for what it was. Hoping Disney explores them again.

I'm considering on the whole set. Honestly, it's not a bad looking one and it might be the first POP set that I complete.

Goliath is not my favorite Gargoyle, but he is definitely high up there. He is a great leader, capable, and when angered, just plain intimidating. The Gargoyles, at least most of the main ones, are not complex in design, but what makes them unique are their distinguishable colors, their statue, their facial designs (which varies a great deal from human-like to more beast-kind), and for some, how their wings are (Lexington is a good example; the new have Bronx who is just a dog Gargoyle). Goliath's design is "generic" but again, he makes up the character, the heart, and the personality of the creatures out of time. He kept them in check when he needed to, he gave then guidance, and for the most part, the story revolved around him, his interactions with the new world, how he dealt with his past coming back, his relationship with the human he gained feelings for, Elisa Maza, his bitter human hating former lover, Demona, his long lost daughter, Angela, and of course his rapport with his clan.

The choice of posture for Goliath is not in any means unique. It reminds me of the way the old POPs were posed; very generic and merely just standing there. But for Goliath, for his hulking build, it works. Also, there are the unique character design of his wings and tail that makes this sculpt quite unique. Goliath's beastial like feet and tail also allows this big headed creature to stand up with the use of transparent figure base stand that Funko usually supplies their POPs.

Color wise, I have to say that it's pretty spot on like the animated version. One can easily recognize Goliath in his POP form just by color alone. He doesn't come with a lot of variations, but what he comes with does serve its purpose. I guess the only thing I have qualms with are his eyes. I wish they had them white since the Gargoyle's eyes glow when they were angry or ready to kick some serious butt.

Gargoyles haven't had the light of day for a while, so basically, they've turned to stone, collecting dust, waiting for the next moon light to permit them life. To have POP figures of them definitely says that their legacy isn't slumbering from a spell, but perhaps they are biding their time. With a pretty good representation in the form of a POP, great sculpt, accurate coloring, and just overall a nice piece, I think we may have hope for a Gargoyle craze revival. At least, I can only hope.

Until Next Time!

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