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Funko POP: Harley Quinn w/ Belt

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

This time, got another Harley Quinn #POP to grace my never stopping collection of Funko POPs. This is actually a preorder from last year so let's go ahead and look into it, shall we?

This is a special edition and I am not entirely sure what brought this version about other than just putting out another Harley Quinn POP. I would think it's tied to some kind of Professional Wrestling shenanigan but when it came out and when I eventually I received it, I'm not too sure and honestly, I don't care (it was under "Pile of Loot" with BBTS). I have it and I like it.

I do need to stop buying Harley POPs. I'm out of room. But when does that ever stop me, right?

Harley's outfit this time around for this POP is a bit more reminiscent of her contemporary modern-day outfit. I do like this outfit since it's a mix of sexy but not overtly sexualized--even though Harley is seething of that. The pose isn't as hyperactively dynamic as one would expect from Harley but it's fitting for a pro wrestler showing off her accolade. Championship belt hanging on her shoulder is something we have seen some great ones do on Monday Nights. Sassy pose, hips cocked, hands on said hip, and that look ready for any challenge. Bandaid on her cheek thanks to the myriad of bumps she has taken, it's definitely a neat sculpt. No complaints from me.

Colors came out great for the most part. There are a few areas where the paint job is a bit off, like in her blue pigtail, the paint job around her cleavage, and some marks on her face. All in all, though, I do like how it came out. It's standard

Unfortunately, mine's got some small color mishaps on Harley's face.

Like a Boss, eh? Sasha Banks reference, perhaps? Not as detailed as the regular WWE belts but it does the magic quite well.

Here is POP Champion Harley next to POP Robin Harley and POP Boom Box Harley. The latter is probably the closest to the modern Harley that goes in line with this Pro wrestling Harley. Good little mash-up for sure!

It's not a must Harley. Mine's got some paint mishaps here and there and while it's not completely detracting, I do know it's there. Though the overall execution is something standard and I do adore. It's definitely good and for any hardcore Harley fans, my first sentence is probably irrelevant. Though if you like Harley enough and can afford another one on your shelf, this one's a good one. I definitely won't say it's terrible. I do like this purchase, for sure.

Until Next Time!

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