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Funko POP: Holiday Minnie Mouse

Another Holiday #Funko #POP review! As I mentioned before I will be putting more reviews of Festive-y related stuff! So, let's get into Minnie Mouse's review!

Pretty familiar and standard box for Minnie. With the same Festive decorations all over the box to really give it that Christmas feeling.

Clearly, Minnie is Mickey Mouse's significant other. That term changes depending on the story and the timeframe of the two's appearances in cartoons, books, comics, etc. Needless to say, Mickey and Minnie have a lot in common aesthetically and personally. For this POP, Minnie is obviously dolled up for Christmas. She is wearing a homage to Mrs. Clause's outfit.

The pose shows Minnie holding a book, which I assume is for reading lyrics for Christmas songs. It fits the theme well enough but the book does cover her top, missing out on some good details on her Christmas clothing. Still, the pose is fitting and it's not something that is going to bother me.

Now as far as the paint job goes, unfortunately, it's not as sharp and as vibrant as I would expect from POP. There are some mishaps with the white bleeding on certain areas (mostly on the hem of her dress), and I feel like the colors for the red isn't as bright and festive as it should be. While the overall job isn't bad by any means, it's still not to the point where I feel it should be.

And here is POP Holiday Minnie Mouse next POP Holiday Mickey Mouse. Next to Mickey, Minnie is just missing that explosive Holiday feel--also, to me, it's just so obvious how much Minnie needs Mickey to be a complete POP; not sure if that makes any sense. Though honestly, I probably wouldn't have just gotten Mickey by himself.

All in all, I don't think I can fully say I recommend her without getting Mickey. She just doesn't have that 'feel' that she can carry this theme without her significant other. I'm not sure if that opinion is from a character or a figure point of view, but truth to be told, I've always been more connected to Mickey. That's just me though. Regardless, she does look great next to Mickey, and having both of them together definitely feels like a complete Holiday set! I don't regret having both of them!

Until Next Time!

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