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Funko POP: Huntress (L.A. Comicon)

I am a very casual fan of Huntress (Helena Bertineli). I like her gimmick, how she looks, and I do adore how Jim Lee made her a total sexy crime fighter! A #POP version of her isn't entirely out of my realm so here we are with another review. Let's get to it.

Huntress has been around for a while. And while she has had her fair share of retcons and disappearing act within the ranks of obscurity, she is still a familiar figure of the Bat-Family. While I'm not going to go over every single detail that I know about her (which is very small), I do know that I got to really enjoy her in her small part in Hush. Also, with that kind of outfit, how would I not notice her, right? That and she has had a fair share within the DiD moments, I would say. Oh, this is an LA Comicon exclusive; I didn't go to that event but I did manage to find this at my local Hot Topic.

Again, I like this design. I know! A non-bulletproof Superheroine exposing her stomach like that is impractical but it's comic books! Stop putting realism in my fictional world!

Since this is an exclusive, she's a 'loner' and not part of a set. But clearly, if one wants to collect the Bat-Family, Huntress is a must. I didn't go out of my way to get her but seeing her in person convinced me that she's worth being in my collection!

Unlike the other Bat affiliated characters, Huntress doesn't specifically relate to a bat or a winged animal. With that fact, there is no method or theme to her costume design(s) that I can think of that relates to a winged hunter and/or birds of prey. Though while no animal inspiration lacks, Helena does have the design to fit within the Bat-Family. The pointy mask, the cape, the gadget, the darker than brooding color palette, and last but not least, what is a crime fighting super heroine without the perfect body of a super model--one that she isn't afraid to flaunt with this outfit that is just downright sexy. I am aware it isn't practical, but hey! Super Heroine charm is something I will go for! As far as her #POP translation, it's not too bad at all, actually. It's got some good sculpting especially on the details on her gloves and boots. The crossbow in her hand has some good sculpt as well, nothing too extravagant but definitely falls in line with what we can expect from a POP these days.

I would say that Huntress' biggest flaw is her lack of a dynamic posture. She's a bit too neutral--almost too reminiscent of the old POPs where they are just standing in a vanilla pose. Not only did I expect a very articulated pose for a crime fighting vigilante like Huntress, I also assumed that it being a Comicon exclusive gives it more reason to be a bit more flaunting. Though, honestly, it's not that bad as the posture is very feminine and super-heroine like. I do like it, it just doesn't stand out as much.

Her coloring is pretty good, honestly. The choices of purple stand out from the black, the skin tone is spot on, and the small whites & gold detail of her costume are just right. Overall, she's done well. No real complaint.

While hampered by a somewhat dull and non-dynamic pose, Huntress still has that Funko finishing touch. An obscure character (sexy heroine) getting a POP treatment is always nice and a wonderful addition to my collection. For anyone who is a Huntress fan this is a win. For Bat-Family lovers, this might be an easy pass but it's Huntress, she operates in Gotham. To the casual collectors, this might very be an easy pass but I can say I recommend her; though do keep in mind she's a little higher in price than the average and common POPs. Though I will say I am happy to have her.

Until Next Time!

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